About the Department

The Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology (formerly Department of Process Control) was established in January 1964, and it was joined to train engineers for the research and industry of instrumentation and process control in the frame of the Department of Measurement and Instrumentation and Department of Automatization.

Starting with research in the field of control theory 28 years ago, since then it has diversified its research objectives and has become a well respected center of computer applications. According to the main research directions and courses being taught, the Department has formed five groups concerning control theory, instrumentation, robotics, software engineering, digital design and computer architecture.

The Department (along with 12 other departments) is responsible for the educational programs in both Sections of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics.

The Department offers both core courses witch are taken by the students in the first four semesters, and courses for special fields of interest witch are taken in the last semesters before graduation. About 50 students graduate from the Department each year, 10% of them came from abroad. In addition 5-6 students study in the postgraduate (doctoral) program at the Department. The research work at the Department covers broad fields. Faculty members have been doing collaborative research with institution abroad and founded research supported by the government. In addition, contracts for applied research and development strengthen the ties to the industry.

The Department has strong international relations, in particular, to German universities. Faculty members also maintain ties to universities in France, the United Kingdom, Italy and the U.S.A. In the framework of these co-operations, faculty members have been on sabbatical leave from both sides.

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