The City Park

Behind Hôsök tere lies the City Park, the largest park on the Pest side, covering exactly one square kilometre (0.4 sq.m). The area was once part of the sand and grass-covered Field of Rákos, where in former days the Diets and the national markets were held; at the beginning of the last century it was converted into a park. By the turn of the century it had already become a place of entertainment popular with all layers of society: members of the aristocracy drove out here in their carriages and exercised their horses; the middle-classes came here for a day out; and here the workers organised their meetings and their May Day demonstrations.

Behind Hôsök tere and the Museum of Fine Arts, on Állatkerti körút (Zoo Boulevard) is the Zoo with the Municipal Circus next to it; further down is the Amusement Park and on the opposite side are the Széchenyi Baths. Immediately behind Hôsök tere is the artificial lake: used for rowing in summer, it becomes an artificial skating rink in winter. Around the lake there are a wooded park and a children's playground ˇ on a small island in the lake we find an interesting group of buildings, Vajdahunyad Castle.

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