Little Boulevard

The Inner City is encircled by the so-called Little Boulevard running along the line of the former city walls from Deák tér through Tanács körút, Múzeum körút, Vámház körút and Vámház tér to Liberty Bridge. This busy thoroughfare used to be the starting-point of country roads; today wide avenues opening from it will take you to the main national highways.

The most beautiful building on the Little Boulevard is the National Museum. In front of the façade, in the garden stands the statue of János Arany (by Alajos Stróbl,1893), the great Hungarian epic poet of the nineteenth century. Majestic neo-Classic harmony characterizes the museum, which was built between 1837 and 1847 to the designs of Mihály Pollack (1773-1855).

To the north of the busy street, beyond Rákóczi út, at the corner of Károly körút and Dohány utca, it is worth stop- ping to look at the striking Synagogue, topped by bulb- shaped towers, which was built in 1854-59 in romantic Byzantine-Moorish style.

An interesting building in Deák tér is the neo-Classic Lutheran Church. In Deák tér the Little Boulevard forks: one branch, Bajcsy- Zsilinszky út, leads to Szent István körút, the other, József Attila utca, passing by a Metro station where the three lines meet and the Engels tér bus terminal, closes the semicircle leading to the Danube.